Monday, 18 January 2010

Ja Studio, Ion Ander Beloki, Competition Brief

Ion Ander Beloki designs shop windows for the clothing company 'Loreak Mendian'. I love the unusual concepts he uses for his window designs, I'm certain these displays catch the passers-by attention which is the aim of the 'Ted Baker' brief. The image at the top is my favourite there are no garments/accessories placed in the window though an interesting display of indulating aquatic shapes. I think to pull off a fashion window display without actually placing any garments in it whatsoever is very clever. The visual I think is supposed to represent tropical fish signifying many colours, promoting the spring/summer collection. Then the tagline 'fishing for compliments' is a great play on words, insinuating the idea of the aquatic shapes but also signifying if you wear our spring/summer collection you will be fishing for compliments.

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