Sunday, 17 January 2010

Tokujin Yoshioka, Competition brief

As our new brief of competition commences, I had been looking at YCN's annual collection of live creative briefs. As a main interest of mine is fashion I was immensely pleased to find a 'Ted Baker' brief. The brief consists of making use of it's shop windows as the primary vehicle which in fact got me excited as in the past I had thought of shop window design in the past as a possible job prospect for myself. Though now I have to create a mixture of the two; shop window design and moving image.

Beginning my research I came across Tokujin Yoshioka, a designer that secialises in the elements of space design, product design and shop design. The last one obviously catching my attention. Above are examples of his work.

The image portrayed at the very top is a video installation. The woman in the video acts as if she is blowing. The scarf however is real and moves and flows in great timing as if the woman in the video is making it move. It is such a simple idea though looks very effective and would certainly catch the eye of the consumer.
The Swarovski shop design is created with stainless steel and is intended to resemble a crystal-like forest which I think is beautiful. This I thought gave great connection with the H. Samuel brief, another I was looking at as the retail space is to be considered within the brief.

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