Friday, 17 December 2010

Rough sequences of flower petal

Sorry about the poor quality however this sequence was purely to help me figure out how I wanted the petals to fall over the flower. How they would blow? The shape they would form also how they would look against the flower.

Monday, 13 December 2010

PORTFOLIO VISIT: DESIGN BY DAY, how my visit went!

My visit didn't start of too well as I was 40 minutes late as I got lost along the way. The studio is in Salford, I'd never visited Salford before, I had guidance from a map though this didn't even help to get me there on time. I gave myself two hours to get there and find the place though apparently this wasn't long enough. This then was the cause of sharing my visit with another lad while he showed his work. He was a graduate of Graphic Design from Liverpool John Moores so it was interesting having the opportunity to look through his work. The studio is run by two women Louise and Angela, both were present at my portfolio visit.

The work they were most impressed with was my Ted Baker Window Display. I explained my ideas and concepts around the whole cake idea and they loved it. They said I should carry on with this as my own personal project carrying the idea of the cake but to take it through different seasons for example a Christmas pudding created out of clothes for the winter season. They got really carried away with it getting really excited and wished they were doing it themselves. I think I will intend to do this to create a stronger portfolio for myself and will represent my interests and what I am really into. This also could be an idea for a part of my final major project however my window displays would be static images so I need to re-think working within the same concepts how I could incorporate moving image aspects.

They also liked my Audrey piece and the style that it presents that Angela said she wanted it to go on longer and once you got into it, it was finishing. I explained it was 30 seconds long and that 30 seconds is average for an advert, though this gave me the idea of creating something like that but as a purely design based piece rather than an advert.

I had my nature versus man project from first year in the file along with all my current projects and they suggested I show it. They really liked it saying they felt on the edge of their seats while waiting for the next buzz of harsh imagery within the nature footage at the beginning which was the intention and they said the first one was a real shock which was good to hear, my work creating a reaction.

To conclude my visit was a success as much of their advice I may take on. However I didn't find Salford too exciting and wouldn't want to work there. The last two studios I visited were in Manchester Piccadily and I would rather much prefer to work in that area.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Visiting Lecturer, Jonathan Barnbrook

Jonathan Barnbrook seemed very much graphic based rather than moving image as he stated he had only just started experimenting within that field.
Though being very graphic based he had a lot to say on typography which doesn't particularly excite me though the stories that went along side were interesting enough.
He explained how he had worked with David Bowie which I found impressive and what seemed he still had connections with David Bowie since creating his album cover 'Hethen'. He presented us with the cover in which he had placed the title 'Heathen' upside-down to represent the anti-religious meaning of the word.

He had a small speech that went into the life as a designer, how it is very competitive considering the social climate of today in relation to the recession. Going into how half of being a designer is the energy you deliver. I agree with this, I believe if one is a positive person, always on the go and very energetic one will get noticed and also those clients will want to work again with you.

He also talked of a company called Adbusters who create very controversial posters in relation to today's society. For example McDonalds, one poster he showed presented Ronald McDonald with a large cheesy grin on his face bearing the word 'grease' and many more. Working for a company like this could either make or break ones career for if one were to take on a job with Adbusters slamming a particular company could make other companies stay clear of you. However Barnbrook had a phone call from Coca Cola presenting him with the opportunity to advertise for them. After working with Adbusters Barnbrook decided it wouldn't be such a good idea. My opinion on the matter is that I don't think I could work for a company like Adbusters as I'm not sure I'd be able to decline the large sum of money Coca Cola would offer for you to advertise for them.