Saturday, 28 January 2012

Drawn: Marilyn Monroe

I have began drawing again, as my love for drawing is how my love for design and animation came about.
I have always had admiration for Marilyn Monroe so I simply picked up a pencil and began.
I chose a photographic image of her in deep thought, from a book I have on her. For those who have a vague understanding of Marilyn's background can only imagine what those deep thoughts are. 
I found the original photograph thought provoking, genuine and raw. Extremely different to her conventional way of posing. It shows Marilyn in a different light, rather than seeing her as the usual sex symbol the majority know her as.

The top left image is my original free-hand sketch I did of her. The top right and bottom left I altered the brightness to offer different moods.
The bottom right is one I simplified, filling in block colour to exaggerate specific parts of the image, to create a more graphic look. (The one I used for my blog title).