Thursday, 17 February 2011

Character Test

This is an even rougher test than when testing my Pippy Painter character, but this is me just testing another way in how my characters could be presented. The Pippy test was the physical play-doh shape scanned in and then digitally animated, this one which stars Lucy Letters is done if I were to stop frame her in a flat 2-D form rather than her felt self.

I took singular pictures of her stuck to a stick then removed this in photoshop to give the slight illusion she is moving by herself.

To further this development I would print out numerous images of Lucy however with different facial expressions, then include these within the stop-motion animation.

These tests will conclude in me finding out how I want to animate my characters, whether it be digitally, or stop frame their flat 2-D selves made from paper, or stop frame their 3-D selves made from materials, forming a more three dimensional shape like a sphere.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Visual Tests

This mock is a rough test to help plan how my visual is going to look and move. It is very rough indeed as I carried this test out at home and I don't have a tripod. I had to blue-tack my camera onto the back of my computer chair so it didn't stay as still as I'd wished but it gives a slight idea of how i want my visual to be portrayed.

I wanted the trees to shimmer slightly as if they were blowing gently in the breeze, replacing one green part with another, the same technique I used for my Green & Blacks. I think this worked, however this had to be done many times and the trees began to wilt, so this needs to be considered within my final. Perhaps using stronger material and a sturdier base to withstand the constant handling.

If stop-motion does not completely satisfy how I wish my visual to look I will consider another approach.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Pippy Bouncing (rough test)

This weekend I have been working non-stop. I have been creating my characters out of a variety of materials and testing how a set would look if it consisted of nothing but play-doh. However after all of this i couldn't help messing about with my favourtie character through photoshop and After Effects.

This is a very rough test of Pippy Painter, it shows my idea of how I want her to look and move.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Series of Unfortunate Events, beautiful credits!!!

I thought these credits were absolutely beautiful, director, Jamie Caliri. They are from the film Series of Unfortunate Events, which tells the story of three orphaned children who are sent to live with the scheming Count Olaf who is constantly out to kill them in order to inherit their money.

I thought the visual of the film was quirky and creative and loved the adventurous side of it and imagined children of a young age group loving the film. However I think the end credits (above) are even more beautiful and exciting. The format is slightly how I imagined my titles looking. The layers of what seems to be card works so well and is the idea I had of these layers producing a sense of spatial design which looks very dynamic and interesting.

Monday, 7 February 2011

LONDON: Portfolio Request

After researching practitioners in London I found a few that impressed me and created work I'd be interested in doing when I graduate.

I sent an e-mail to a guy called Paul Roberts who specialises in Graphic Design and Moving Image. He's worked for clients such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, so in regards to my major project it would be definitely worthwhile receiving some advice from him and going to see what he does on a general day to day basis.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Pes, Stop-Motion

For my major projects I'm thinking of using stop motion. I thought it would be appropriate to research some practitioners. This one of them that really impressed me, suggested through someone else. Here is a animator called Pes, and this specific video of his really impressed me called Western Spaghetti.