Thursday, 17 February 2011

Character Test

This is an even rougher test than when testing my Pippy Painter character, but this is me just testing another way in how my characters could be presented. The Pippy test was the physical play-doh shape scanned in and then digitally animated, this one which stars Lucy Letters is done if I were to stop frame her in a flat 2-D form rather than her felt self.

I took singular pictures of her stuck to a stick then removed this in photoshop to give the slight illusion she is moving by herself.

To further this development I would print out numerous images of Lucy however with different facial expressions, then include these within the stop-motion animation.

These tests will conclude in me finding out how I want to animate my characters, whether it be digitally, or stop frame their flat 2-D selves made from paper, or stop frame their 3-D selves made from materials, forming a more three dimensional shape like a sphere.

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