Wednesday, 17 March 2010

My influences

Many of my influences for my work come from the existence of todays popular culture for example the commercial magazine to fashion to many of the animated Disney Films. Though in my first year on the moving image course I created a short film titled 'man versus nature'. The title is self-explanatory, to elaborate I wanted to represent how man-kind is slowly but surely taking over the earth. 

Man-kind today is this non-stop force forever building and becoming more industrial and urban not forgetting to mention the ever evolving digital aspect. As I'm one who enjoys to scenery of the country I thought I could express this matter.
Though as I'm sure everyone knows the major talk that goes on about global warming I am actually for this and do worry about the effect it's doing to the o-zone layer and such. There is so much pressure from the government to help with the prevention of global warming becoming such a massive disaster. 

All the environmental issues around today were influences to create my film as it's something that is important to me and they are the best type of influences.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Popping Bubble

The bubbles in the cinderella piece when they turn into the logo I'd like to pop so I wanted a close- up of how a bubble popped. Surprisingly I thought a bubble popped from the middle I also drew it like this on my storyboard.
The clip I chose has a magical hint, the liquid of the popped bubble leaves many sprinkles which I thought could be fairy dust as what Tinkerbell leaves behind.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Glen Keane part 2

The image just above is called the swing by Jean Honore Fragonard painted in the 1700s. The image above that one is a concept piece for Disney's Rapunzel which is not to ht our screens till early 2011. Though it is obvious the pieces are very alike and Glen Keane I suppose used the Swing as an influence and inspiration for the classical story Rapunzel. I love that his inspiration came from a fine art painting.

Glen Keane

Glen Keane is a second generation artist who started his career at The Walt Disney Studios in 1974.
I've created a link to his blog featuring all his major work for Disney e.g The Little mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin to name a few.
Many of his work is hand-drawn and well defined.
The images above are only a few sketches from Disney's Pocahontas. I remember the scene from the film it being a major part where pocahontas the native and John Smith the englishman meet for the very first time. No words are said just the imagery above of close-up and extreme close-up.
The images are very emotional especially the extreme close-up of pocahontas. Her eyes are startling and we are drawn in.
Many of his work seems to be character development which all I've seen is drawn. Like the conceptual art I've been looking at this could be classed as character concept work. Again something I'd love to do.

Monday, 8 March 2010


I have decided to develop my idea of the hidden mickeys looking at footage of Cinderella I thought the bubble scene would be easy to find hidden signifiers of the mickey logo. Quite a few can be observed within the sequence though the one above is the best to adapt as I want this image to then morph into the Disney Cinemagic logo.
Cinderella was also a great option as Cinderella's castle is incorporated within the official Disney logo, it's a classic and iconic for Disney. Though the story was originally written by Charles Perrault it is the Disney version people remember.

Concept Drawings

I thought Concept Artwork was dead though after visiting Double Negative a visual effects company based in London I realised this wasnt the case as when the concept designer walked past us our tour guide exclaimed that he draws all day. This made me think of being a concept artist as a possible career aspect. Even though being on a moving image degree computer based I'd much rather prefer and enjoy drawing. This has been a strong interest of mine ever since I can remember and would love to be able to draw all day as a career but still situated within the film industry.
The purpose of concept artwork is to be able to present the visual of the film this can be done through drawing, painting, illustration and 3-D though I would like to be based in 2-D.