Wednesday, 17 March 2010

My influences

Many of my influences for my work come from the existence of todays popular culture for example the commercial magazine to fashion to many of the animated Disney Films. Though in my first year on the moving image course I created a short film titled 'man versus nature'. The title is self-explanatory, to elaborate I wanted to represent how man-kind is slowly but surely taking over the earth. 

Man-kind today is this non-stop force forever building and becoming more industrial and urban not forgetting to mention the ever evolving digital aspect. As I'm one who enjoys to scenery of the country I thought I could express this matter.
Though as I'm sure everyone knows the major talk that goes on about global warming I am actually for this and do worry about the effect it's doing to the o-zone layer and such. There is so much pressure from the government to help with the prevention of global warming becoming such a massive disaster. 

All the environmental issues around today were influences to create my film as it's something that is important to me and they are the best type of influences.

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