Monday, 3 May 2010


After looking at some DO lectures I think I understand more fully what do is all about. Its not specifically about designing or moving image, though about achieving ones dream, maybe beneficial for themselves or society.

The above images I have are from the DO website from some of the lectures I had a look at. The top image is from a speaker Adam Lowry. He spoke of starting his buisness called Method which is a line of cleaning products how it started off so small but after persistance he now sells his products too many supermarkets. He began by simply walking up to managers in stores and asking could they shelf his product which sounds insane without organising a sit down meeting. With constant informal approaches of store managers he finally got his share of a shelf and thats how his DO is now doing.
The image below is of Alice Taylor who believes that any game whether its a board game or a video game is essential to our up-bringing, how they teach us while growing up. Which I believe, as so many kids today sit in-doors glued to their video games including my brother. When he's playing you're invisible and can be on it for hours at a time. So it only makes sense to make these games beneficial whether it be educational or helping with their development of hand eye co-ordination. Her lecture definitely got me thinking and found interesting.

It puts life into perspective for me as I don't really know what I want to do for the rest of my life. The big things like design, dance, writing, music, fashion, retail and sometimes even politics inspire me then at times it can be the little things such as a breeze that catches my legs when I'm in-doors, or taking the bus when I could easily drive my car, as when you're on the bus you can take in what's going on outside rather than concentrating on the road. I feel I am an ambitous person though sometimes it can be hard deciding where to place all this ambition. Its like you have the force to do something but you don't know what it is.

So instead of analysing everything, I decided to just go with the flow for the ideas generation aspect of the DO brief we were set which was to create a title sequence for the DO lectures. I didn't want to go too deep and meaningful, I think I spend too much of my time trying to do this but don't suceed. So Liz and I just brain stormed some crazy ideas and decided to go with one that included a guy and a girl, dressed to impress, sat at a candle lit table a proper wine and dine ensemble. Then the camera zooms out slowly only to reveal this couple are situated in a greasy cafe in one of the rough areas in town. The tagline reveals 'Whatever you do, do it well' insinuating whatever you do and wherever it is always try your best. Its simple and fun and didn't have to go too meaningful. It should be fun shooting this, the end result may not be the most professional but it definitely reflects the idea of the DO lectures which is the objective.

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