Saturday, 30 April 2011

Children's Book Illustrations, Paul Rand

I thought these illustrations were absolutely delicious. They are designed by Paul Rand who is an American Graphic Designer who is very famous for designing corporate logos for companies such as IBM and ABC. But here Rand designs for a children's book.

I love the bold cut-out design and the contrasts between the loud shapes and thin lines. The work instantly reminds me of Saul Bass because of the lovely awkwardness of the shapes and the density of colour. I just love it!

Children's Book Illustrations, Quentin Blake

Quentin Blake is famous for illustrating the Roald Dahl books. To jog peoples memories Roald Dahl is the author of books such as Matilda, James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I loved Roald Dahl books ever since I was introduced to them at Primary School and have read a bunch of them and seeing Quentin Blakes illustrations instantly reminds me of them.

Blake's illustrations were always great at helping you visualise the story looking back, especially the book 'The Enormous Crocodile' pictured at the top which targets certainly a younger age group than books such as 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', and was so much more exciting to read while looking at her illustrations.

I wouldn't class Blake's illustrations as fine drawings or fine paintings. They are scrawly and sketchy but are charming all the same and represents the delightful humour Dahl's writing certainly had.

Children's Book Illustrations, Eric Carle

I think for many people this will spark some memories, The story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.

The story was simple, a caterpillar who eats everything he comes by until eventually he morphs into a butterfly. The illustrations were made by loosely brushing paint onto tissue paper which can be seen through the build up of lovely colours and diversity of shades. The book has holes punched through the thick card pages to give the impression the Caterpillar has eaten his way through the book. Its charming illustrations and innovative design is what was so appealing for me as a child and I think for generations to come. When I have a child I will definitely be getting him/her a copy.

Rodney Matthews, Alice in Wonderland

As my Major Project's target audience is young children I thought researching children's books would be crucial this is also advice Nickelodeon Studios gave me. Everything is included in one package to help you understand a child's mindset. The child's book includes the simple story with a simple plot line, the tone of voice and gorgeous visuals.

Here are some illustrations by Rodney Matthews. I actually bought the book because I was captured by such beautiful imagery. The colours design and shapes are all so enticing and really draw you in.

Up and Away

Anyone who has seen the Disney Pixar animated film 'Up' will instantly see the connection between film and photos.

I came across these images thanks to my arrival on Twitter. I'm currently following many Disney and Pixar animators and these images were sent to a Pixar Animator, courtesy of National Geographic Magazine. The Pixar animator posted a link to all these fabulous images.

In the film 'Up' a house is connected to a bunch of balloons which then flies off to an Island. I think maybe National Geographic wanted to see through curiosity and pleasure if this in fact was plausible. And as you can see through these images it was in fact plausible and cannot believe how high in the sky it flew.

I took instant pleasure from these photographs as I'm a huge fan of Disney and Pixar though pushing this aside I then realised how beautiful the photography was. I especially love the saturation and diversity of colour. Low angle shots and wide shots they are gorgeous and all seems so magical and enchanting.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Final Tests, part 1

Since my last Pippy Painter test I have looked more into how balls bounce and exaggerated this for a more fun looking, comic and cartoon effect.

Each illustration is on a separate plane, illustrated and painted by myself as I wanted to create a children's storybook type visual. I intend to build up the background more for a richer feel.

I Wonder Title

This will be my last shot of my titles which introduces my programme 'I wonder'.

I kept the colours bright and engaging considering my target audience of 3-5year olds. I chose shapes which were round, soft and bouncy looking and exaggerated this. Since visiting Nickelodeon Studios this is an effect I have since always considered as they stressed this point to me.