Saturday, 30 April 2011

Up and Away

Anyone who has seen the Disney Pixar animated film 'Up' will instantly see the connection between film and photos.

I came across these images thanks to my arrival on Twitter. I'm currently following many Disney and Pixar animators and these images were sent to a Pixar Animator, courtesy of National Geographic Magazine. The Pixar animator posted a link to all these fabulous images.

In the film 'Up' a house is connected to a bunch of balloons which then flies off to an Island. I think maybe National Geographic wanted to see through curiosity and pleasure if this in fact was plausible. And as you can see through these images it was in fact plausible and cannot believe how high in the sky it flew.

I took instant pleasure from these photographs as I'm a huge fan of Disney and Pixar though pushing this aside I then realised how beautiful the photography was. I especially love the saturation and diversity of colour. Low angle shots and wide shots they are gorgeous and all seems so magical and enchanting.

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