Friday, 9 July 2010

United Utilities Brief

The United Utilities brief is about informing the public about the huge amounts of undesired waste being flushed away either down the toilet or the basin and trying to prevent this from happening.
The United Utilities brief was to develop further, the idea 'Origin' the design company had already produced.
They came up with a logo, designed a character and developed the story further including other characters.
The logo they produced was a play on the 'bin' logo, a stick man placing waste in the waste bin. Though on theirs they placed a toilet between the man and bin accentuating the stick man stretching over the toilet to place his waste in the bin rather than down the toilet. 
I liked the use of the simple logo. The logo is practical and universal, there is no language barrier and the images are self-explanatory.  
The brief claimed that elements of the present campaign had to be included so this got me thinking of 'signs' as the 'bin' logo had been developed previously. I began researching hazard, caution and warning signs as I thought this was appropriate to delivering a message to the public of 'warning' them not to flush certain items away.
So, the images above represent my idea. I chose each one specifically so in a way it represented a story.  

  • The 1st sign= two way traffic= which when I looked at it thought what goes down must come up which also reflects the previous tag line 'what gets flushed might come back to haunt you'

  • The 2nd sign= traffic circle= after relating to the 1st sign this can seem like a never ending circle

  • The 3rd sign= STOP= which is self explanatory, this problem needs to stop so stop flushing specific items away.

The signs above I will re-create through my own style possibly integrating some of the previous characters but keeping the message strong. The symbols still need to be recognisable as the specific 'warning' symbols or the idea won't work.