Saturday, 21 August 2010

Khuong Nguyen

By the same photographer of the Christian Louboutin ad campaign I found this fashion photography piece. I thought it was really quirky, original and reminded me of the mad hatters tea party from Alice and Wonderland. 
What made me include this piece rather than others is when looking at it I think of a window display. Many of the props used in the piece are suspended from string the model is very stiff like a doll/mannequin. And the bag in the background is nicely suspended so it sits on the display box. This would definitely catch my eye if I walked past.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Christian Louboutin: Fairytales

These were images for the Christian Louboutin fall/winter 2010 campaign created by photographer Khuong Nguyen. The images were based on fairytales such as Alice and Wonderland.
This post features well in my research as I had been researching fairytale inspired fashion and been writing of my ideas on this subject for inspiration for uni projects in my final year.
I love the images portrayed here. Each image is well thought of and detailed they could well be stills of Disney films.

Leanne Marshall: Project Runway

Leanne Marshall was the winner of 'Project Runway' a T.V. programme where many unknown fashion designers compete for their collection to be shown at New York fashion week. 
Leanne was my favorite to win. There were many ruffles within her pieces which I love, and they had been accentuated which looked great as the models moved down the runway. Its not as effective looking at a static image though watching them in 'Project Runway' were beautiful. All the garments moved with such ease and flow and were just so pleasant to look at though at the same time exciting.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Mickey Mouse inspired fashion? Yes please!

Except for the tippity top one, as I'm not sure, all other clothes/accessories were created by fashion designer Jeremy Scott. As you can see the line was inspired by the famous Mickey Mouse himself. Though I'm not sure if I would wear Mickey Mouse ears on my head while shopping or on a night out but it sure does look good just to look at. 
As anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with Walt Disney and at college if I'm not doing a project fashion related it will be Disney related and to see the two come together is a joy for my eyes. There are probably political reasons surrounding the concept though I'm just enjoying the visual.
Mickey Mouse is one of the faces of popular culture so was a great idea to blend this idea within the fashion of today and must be a hit with many girls aged around 17 years to 25 years, as these days taking a trip round the Disney store on a day out shopping is just as much a must as Primark. 

William Travilla, Dresses are a girl's best friend!

 I began researching into 40's and 50's glamour as inspiration for upcoming projects for my final year of uni. I have always loved the dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in 'Gentlemen prefer Blonde's' in the number 'Diamond's are a girl's best friend'. The designer/costume designer is William Travilla and he created many of Marilyn's clothes. The images I have placed above also represent his talent of fashion illustration. The image of Marilyn in the white dress (worn in 'The Seven Year Itch') is beautiful how he captures the flow and motion he wants the dress to express while its being worn.
The pink dress was obviously created only for Marilyn as he captures her perfectly along with the texture and visual of the dress.