Saturday, 7 August 2010

Mickey Mouse inspired fashion? Yes please!

Except for the tippity top one, as I'm not sure, all other clothes/accessories were created by fashion designer Jeremy Scott. As you can see the line was inspired by the famous Mickey Mouse himself. Though I'm not sure if I would wear Mickey Mouse ears on my head while shopping or on a night out but it sure does look good just to look at. 
As anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with Walt Disney and at college if I'm not doing a project fashion related it will be Disney related and to see the two come together is a joy for my eyes. There are probably political reasons surrounding the concept though I'm just enjoying the visual.
Mickey Mouse is one of the faces of popular culture so was a great idea to blend this idea within the fashion of today and must be a hit with many girls aged around 17 years to 25 years, as these days taking a trip round the Disney store on a day out shopping is just as much a must as Primark. 

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