Monday, 17 August 2009

Nick Knight

Nick Knight is a very well known fashion photographer. With clients such as John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and Vogue.

His work ranges from editorial pieces to advertising campaigns to contemporary fashion film.
Nick Knight in my opinion is the main man leading the fashion industry into the twenty first century. He owns the fashion website  'Showstudio' committed to broadcasting live fashion media and experimental fashion film.  For viewers such as professionals also fashion and multimedia enthusiasts. To take fashion and experiment with it in the digital field is a breath of fresh air, an aspect that is new and exciting. 

With main design industries adapting to the ever evolving World of multimedia, Nick Knight has created the right notions by developing fashion film.  

Such as the one I've posted below is a shoot he composed along with editor Ruth Hogben. The piece is a shoot for British Vogue. The aim was to promote clothing collections from many designers using moving image instead of the box standard static shots.  I think the piece is very contemporary. The audio and visual compliment each other and delivers a dynamic and energetic piece bringing the fashion to life. 

Film has the potential to bring out the best of fashion. This can be done to name a few by using close ups on specific detail that the designer wants to accentuate. Slow motion can also be used to manipulate the viewer to be captivated by this moving art form.

As multimedia fashion is always changing and so this is only the beginning


Monday, 3 August 2009

The illustrator Stina Persson has inspired me for the last couple of years and has remained one of my favourite designers. 

Her many works have consisted of different mediums including cut paper, acrylic, ink and photo incorporation. 

Her work is primarily based around fashion elements as many of her clients have been from the fashion industry. 

Fashion is a passion of mine which may be why I've been so drawn to her work.

Her works grasp a sense of delicacy and fragility especially within her inks and watercolour. To incorporate digital photography within her work represents great contrast between the two mediums.

Stina Persson has taught me though many of her works have revolved around fashion she often entwines a multimedia element within as with her digital fashion photography and this is what I aim to do.