Monday, 14 February 2011

Visual Tests

This mock is a rough test to help plan how my visual is going to look and move. It is very rough indeed as I carried this test out at home and I don't have a tripod. I had to blue-tack my camera onto the back of my computer chair so it didn't stay as still as I'd wished but it gives a slight idea of how i want my visual to be portrayed.

I wanted the trees to shimmer slightly as if they were blowing gently in the breeze, replacing one green part with another, the same technique I used for my Green & Blacks. I think this worked, however this had to be done many times and the trees began to wilt, so this needs to be considered within my final. Perhaps using stronger material and a sturdier base to withstand the constant handling.

If stop-motion does not completely satisfy how I wish my visual to look I will consider another approach.

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