Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Visiting Lecturer, Jonathan Barnbrook

Jonathan Barnbrook seemed very much graphic based rather than moving image as he stated he had only just started experimenting within that field.
Though being very graphic based he had a lot to say on typography which doesn't particularly excite me though the stories that went along side were interesting enough.
He explained how he had worked with David Bowie which I found impressive and what seemed he still had connections with David Bowie since creating his album cover 'Hethen'. He presented us with the cover in which he had placed the title 'Heathen' upside-down to represent the anti-religious meaning of the word.

He had a small speech that went into the life as a designer, how it is very competitive considering the social climate of today in relation to the recession. Going into how half of being a designer is the energy you deliver. I agree with this, I believe if one is a positive person, always on the go and very energetic one will get noticed and also those clients will want to work again with you.

He also talked of a company called Adbusters who create very controversial posters in relation to today's society. For example McDonalds, one poster he showed presented Ronald McDonald with a large cheesy grin on his face bearing the word 'grease' and many more. Working for a company like this could either make or break ones career for if one were to take on a job with Adbusters slamming a particular company could make other companies stay clear of you. However Barnbrook had a phone call from Coca Cola presenting him with the opportunity to advertise for them. After working with Adbusters Barnbrook decided it wouldn't be such a good idea. My opinion on the matter is that I don't think I could work for a company like Adbusters as I'm not sure I'd be able to decline the large sum of money Coca Cola would offer for you to advertise for them.

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