Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ted Baker Window Displays

After researching Ted Baker across the Internet I came across quite a few of Ted Baker's window displays. There is a consistent trend of 3-D mechanical moving objects promoting new seasons. Along with these came tag lines that related to the different seasons e.g spring is in the hare, revenge of the Christmas trees and Ted's gone Cuckoo!

I think they certainly promote the shop in a light hearted way in not making them seem too much of a serious stuck-up shop as some of the other designer shops may do.

I can't help but wonder though are these mechanical moving objects really appealing to their audience? I watched a fashion show of Ted Baker's on the Internet and the audience mainly consisted of early 20s to late 30s. Are moving rabbits and christmas trees pulling this age gap into the store or is it being mistaken for a toy shop?
Watching another clip from the internet a woman was interviewing another on the window displays at Ted Baker. The woman being interviewed in her mid-twenties exclaimed the spring window (rabbits) caught her eye but did not want to make her go in, claiming it wasn't her style.

In conclusion I personally love the window displays though not for the type of shop. I believe I sit in the age gap of Ted Baker's target audience and bouncing rabbits don't really get me in the mood to shop for clothes.

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