Sunday, 23 January 2011

Playhouse Disney Ident

After looking at a few Cbeebies idents I thought about broadening my outlook and have a look at some Playhouse Disney idents. The Disney channels are internationally known so if my channel were to reach immense popularity, Disney would then become my main competitor.

The Playhouse Disney idents tend to use live actors within what seems to be a computer generated environment, unlike Cbeebies which are completely animated and consist of their own squidgy- looking characters. Most Disney idents I've seen do not include any of it's characters, especially Playhouse Disney. There will always be the iconic mouse ears to promote the channel but there is no reference to Princesses or Princes. I actually think is a good thing as it's not pressurising children into thinking this is what they should want to be, when at such a vulnerable age. The idents include the average looking boy or girl exploring a different magical World, which I think is the idea Disney are trying to put across with their channel.

Playhouse Disney idents generally look more high-tech and advanced. They are miniature- looking movies. This probably comes from the fact that children and also their parents expect the best from the Disney Company. The Disney company does not just lie within the area of television, it covers areas such as merchandise, product and feature- length films, so has a high level to maintain. I think this has to be proved to the parents possibly more than the children as the parents are the ones who will choose what their child will watch, especially when at such a young stage of their life. If Disney drop below their standard barrier the parents are a click of a button away from changing the channel.

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