Thursday, 27 January 2011


I LOVE play-doh and now I have a reason to go out and purchase some- my Major Project.

I have finally decided on creating my own children's programme rather than a children's channel as I believe with a programme I can be more specific on how I want it to be, regarding its context and visual. A programme gives me the flexibility to approach the visual in any way I want as it would be my own programme.

I really liked the idea of creating my own characters and modeling them through some sort of material. I instantly thought of play-doh, its easy to mold and looks child-friendly. The images above show the play-doh I bought. They came in packs of four and varied in colour. I chose the specific colours you see as they are light baby colours and remind me of pre-school.

I love the texture of play-doh. It's very soft and squidgy and thought it was the perfect material to mold characters out of. However the play-doh will have to be restricted to a research/development stage as for the final I would like to exhibit, alongside my animation, my characters and Play-doh will dry out and loose its flexible-looking texture. But this stage will contribute to ideas on the look and feel of my characters.

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