Sunday, 23 January 2011

Cbeebies Ident

Cbeebies is the main childrens channel I have been researching because if if I were to take on my brief as if it were real, Cbeebies would be my main competitor.
I spent a good amount of time watching Cbeebies yesterday and the ident you see below is the one played at the current time, almost every 10-15 minutes between every programme. The one at the top is a mixture of two idents.

After researching many on youtube they all consist of these yellow blob-type characters representing the font of the Cbeebies type. The characters are portrayed to be very flexible and bouncy, reminding me of playdoh. Every letter of the Cbeebies title I think is supposed to be one of these characters shown, which gives the audience the automatic link between the characters and the channel. Never forgetting them both as one reminds yourself of the other. I like this idea and could be something to look into.

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