Monday, 17 January 2011

Identity: Disney Channel

I thought it would be a good idea to compare how the identity of a channel changes when delivering to a different age group.

Here we have the same company 'Disney' though different channels. The original Disney channel and Playhouse Disney. The original caters for children from 9-13 I would say, and Playhouse Disney is for around the ages 3-6.

The font and colours are completely different however both maintain the iconic image of the mouses ears, to keep that instant link the company needs to be recognisable to its viewers. This is also apparent in the classic Disney signature both identities show.

The font of the word 'Playhouse' is very bouncy looking and varies in colour, except for the purple the colours are basic primary colours which are normally associated with the younger age group, from pre-school to infants.

The original Disney channel has more mature colours and not as many and the word 'channel' has a font that is seemingly straight to the point and not very stylistic. However the shape of each letter is slightly curved, diminishing sharp corner. This represents a font that is more adult (as children of that age group like to believe they're verging on adulthood) though still child friendly.

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