Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Studio Research, Young

Young is a design studio based in Manchester. I really took a shining towards this company, it seemed to give off a friendly and appreciative vibe. The company is only just over a year old which also made me warm up to it as they may have a more open mind about specific things and not be stuck up their own arses.

The company was put together by a Gethin Vaughan and a Pete Jarvis, though I had to hunt around for these names as I only came upon them in their past news section claiming an article they were featured in by Computer Arts magazine. They have been mentioned in this magazine a couple of times and are also to be mentioned in a Creative Agency Awards Nomination Book which impressed me considering the young age of the company. Also taking this into consideration I would believe these are the main players within the company and maybe the only two at the moment.

They specialise in many areas such as print design, illustration, logo design and interior and exterior branding. The image I've placed at the top I had to feature in this post as a series were done and they were all hand drawn, a technique I love and know I'm good at which comforts me in a way that a company doesn't leave out the technique of drawing. The other image below I wanted to include to prove the versatility of the company as both images contradict each other. The image was used to re-brand a gallery.

The company is very young and for it to come so far in a year I think they are most proud of that. They have a contract with Penguin books, their work has been featured by HBO and they have also been mentioned in prestigious Art magazines. I think as a bundle this company is proud all around.

Being so young I don't believe they have won any awards as of yet, and had never come across them before.

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