Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Studio Research, Eskimo Creative

Eskimo Creative is based in Manchester and I remember liking some of their work well over a year ago though apparently at this stage in time their website is under development so couldn't really find out much about them. It was hard enough finding their website as I kept stumbling across eskimo designs in Sheffield and London which have no connection with the one I was looking for. Though they did have some of their work on loop while their website is going through construction. I have no idea what each piece is in relation to because of the site at the present moment though I did like these pieces. The top one may have been an idea in development because of the medium it seems to be created in but love the composition in terms of contrasting shapes and use of colour. And the image below has a sort of reference to a fashion shoot because of the inclusion of models and the Adidas graphics in the background.

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