Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Studio Research, Love Creative

Love Creative is a design studio based in Manchester. Their website explodes of all the different types of work they produce, though the theme they push upon is the idea of brand activation. In their short video they quote 'Love finds the most interesting things to say about your brands in the most interesting ways.' They have a broad range of work from illustration to moving image to ad campaigns to designs for retail. I love the diversity the company seems to embrace and was one of the studios I failed to get a portfolio visit with last year.

The studio consists of 32 employees. The managing director Chris Conlan is first to be viewed situated at the top of the page among his colleagues which gives the impression he is one of the main players and was also quoted in a newspaper recently on an article about the North West Creative and Digital Industry. Every employee is given a title within the firm which makes me believe there are no connections with freelancers.

The work they seem most proud of because of its exposure throughout the website is the Umbro Ad for trainers, one of them I've shown above. I love the mixture of pop art illustration with photography. The aim they claim was at 'football crazy kids that appreciate the art of fast living' which I think is a very effective and innovative idea. The energy and dynamics of pop art compliment well the themes of being fast and energetic.

No awards that I know of. I did know many pieces of their work beforehand, many that I loved and thought were brilliant ideas which was why I researched them and listed them as one of my top 5 studios I'd like to work at.

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