Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Studio Research, Raw Design

Raw Design is another studio based in Manchester. I think one of the main reasons I chose to include Raw in my Studio Research is because of its cute and quirky moving image process page which you'll have to visit just to get the real feel of it home page then near the bottom 'raw process'. Its a small animation on loop visually describing their process methods, which they believed would separate them from the norm. 

Their work differs from print design to web design to producing work for ad campaigns.

After researching I found their studio consisted of 5 men and 2 women. Full time or part time? this was not mentioned though I got the impression they were a close knit group of designers that did work full-time and there was no mention of a reliance on freelancers.

The work they seemed most proud of was a project titled Christmas by Colour. The project seemed to keep popping up throughout their website and also was a piece that got them into a book 'Book of the Year, Design and Design.Com'. The project was for charity and if you can slightly see the top image each colour has been given a name in relation to christmas e.g a dull green is titled and M&S Christmas a vibrant red, Coca Cola. The piece coming together as a full on poster does look attractive and holds an interesting idea and is actually the piece that made me come and look back at Raw Design as I'd glanced upon their website in the past.

Raw Studio has won three awards for...

Best use of Illustration

Best use of new media

and the third bronze award for best poster: Christmas by Colour

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