Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Studio Research, Huvi Design

Huvi Design is a studio based in Manchester. I chose to research Huvi as looking at their website I got a very fun and vibrant feel of the company and its work.

They point out on their website that their work consists of brand identity, printed media, interactive design, web, packaging and illustration, a very diverse collection which I think I would find comfortable.

Touching upon the subject of employees I read that a man named Adam Robson and another named Matt Keers had founded the design company though doesn't mention any other names. This had me questioning that the company may be a private one conducted and managed only by the two men which obviously are the 'main players', and all the work featured on the website had been created only by the two.

From looking on their website it seems they don't favour one project over another. Every project is represented in the form of a square, all the same size and all equally spaced with the newer projects situated at the top of the page so was quite hard to distinguish which they were most proud of. So to conclude I'm going to describe my favourite which is the Nike 78 project. The piece is a moving image piece so is very suitable considering my work. The piece begins with a very luminous graphic-style designed Nike trainer. All these colourful parts of the trainer with leaps of energy explode in all directions representing the beginning of a race. The second image i have uploaded signifies their research of the project placing colourful bits of wire in the trainer for it to twist and turn in any direction once leaving the trainer. The piece delivers a jumpy feel which to me only made the piece feel quirky even though its promoting a commercial item. This project and outcome could possibly be a piece they are most proud of as its very different to other pieces they have created. Looking at other pieces the Nike one seems their only moving image creation so maybe this is an area they want to look more into and create more pieces like it.

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