Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Prada: Trembled Blossoms

Based on a wallpaper design proves that inspiration can be absorbed from anywhere. Trembled Blossoms is a short animated piece used to promote Prada's 08 spring collection. The piece is beautiful and can sense the delicacy and fragility within the images. The short revolves around the story of a woman reborn, she travels around a colourful forest that slowly defines and becomes such as beetles morphing into shoes. I thought this was imaginative and represents Prada as withholding a sense of magic and proving their collection for spring is emerging with a dynamic sense of colour. 

The short was premiered at New York Fashion week and apparently created quite a buzz. Prada is the first to undertake such a risky project such as an animation to promote their collections so I praise them in breaking through and receiving such a great reception. 
Besides the technology being more advanced the piece was constructed the same way as a classic animation such as in Snow White. Artists drew over film of a dancing actress to create Snow White while in Prada's short the motions of a dancer (playing the girl in the film) were captured using small tracking reflectors then superimposed them onto the drawings.

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