Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The changing covers of Vogue


The most prestigious fashion magazine 'Vogue' is soon to be releasing it's 90th edition. Through mass consumerism it has retained it's popularity through all ages with the work produced reflecting society of the time. 

The four covers i chose expand over the last seventy nine years to represent the ever changing and evolving covers of 'Vogue' which are all attractive and interesting to look at. From Art Deco to digital fashion photography 'Vogue' has risen to the challenges that the digital World of today now set. 

Looking upon the 1928 cover I chose to the 2003 cover the quality seems much more glam, slick and glossy. The saturation of colour conveyed on the 2003 cover is much higher and represents the bubbly gum pop culture ideal we have of today.

All the covers ooze with inspiration and all are completely different to one another, evidence of the company's innovation. The beautiful illustrative cover of 28 to the more mechanical feel of the 32 cover which draws upon the World War ll.  The magazine still being published within this time which may have granted some type of escapism and levity for society proving to the people that many things will not change even during such a distressing time.   

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