Friday, 19 August 2011

Mark Demsteader, Emma Watson

The instant I saw these paintings I fell in Love. Done by Mark Demsteader which I am going to mention is from my home City of Manchester. They are absolutely exquisite and feature my new favourite person, the absolutely fabulous Emma Watson. Mark was a favourite artist of the star so was thrilled when she got the chance to pose for him, a job she does so very well.

Mark captures her timeless look but through emotion we possibly haven't seen yet of Emma, seen in the picture second from the top. Her pose and facial expression make her seem vulnerable and delicate. The visual is very moving and really captures deep emotion and thought.

Every piece you view Emma in a thoughtful state which is mesmerising. I absolutely love them all and love the use of media and colour you can also get a sense of different textures from one painting to the next giving great variety and aesthetic.
Excellent, I only wish I could hang one of these in my bedroom!

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