Friday, 19 August 2011

Emma Watson & Jean Seburg

I've recently become interested in Emma Watson and I think since the Final Harry Potter and Emma's emerging fashion persona, many are intrigued in what she will do next and what the future holds for her.

Being British myself I am proud that Emma is seen as a fashion idol and has even been on the front cover of American Vogue. We've seen her develop and progress over the years presenting herself as the lovely elegant yet chic lady she has become. I think she represents how a 'real' English lady should be, sophisticated, smart, dignified and tasteful. She has the looks of a model but a head on her shoulders.

She hasn't yet, and hopefully never will follow in some of the steps that current a-listers have stumbled down, such as getting hooked on drugs and alcohol. With the present media hype that surrounds celebrities today it's easy for the public and children to choose their favourite and coin as their idol. I think Emma is a great choice for young girls to look up to, it's a shame they're aren't many like her as more and more of young girls are looking towards plastic surgery, painting their faces orange and generally damaging their bodies to imitate the skinniest of celebrities. Emma has a great figure yet not a bag of bones, her look is genuine and fresh and doesn't look like she spends her afternoons caking herself in fake tan or lying on a sunbed. She looks secure in her body and young girls need to take a leaf out of her book.

Emma today is starting to definitely remind me of Twiggy back in her heyday with her cutsie and impish looks. However after reading that Emma described her fashion style as quite 'french' I immediately thought of Jean Seburg (above) who was part of the new wave of french films when she starred in 'A Bout De Souffle'. Jean's style was very french with her impish hair cut, peter pan collars and stripes, a style Emma has definitely taken on. Another similarity is a perfectly structured face, which is purely photogenic, a face which needs no hair for framing.

Emma since has become the face of Burberry and has launched Lancome's new campaign. She has since considered designing her own line.
The best is yet to come!

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