Tuesday, 16 November 2010

PORTFOLIO VISIT: LOVE, How my visit went!


My visit at Love went well, the studio was the biggest I've visited so far so I got a completely different perspective of things. Yolo was a 1 man studio and love consists of 35 people. I'm seeing pros and cons of both though has brought the subject to mind, after visiting two completely different studios ,which type of environment would suit me best? This is a question at the moment I don't know the answer to.

The guy I had my visit with was called Ed, who was great to talk to and down to earth.

After showing him some of my work he was impressed (I still get surprised when professionals seem like they are being genuine when they say this to me). He liked my ideas and concepts especially after watching my 'making of' (an aspect Yolo also liked). He thought my Disney Ident played on a great idea and enjoyed my Ted Baker window display. He pointed out the lace I had used for curtains and thought it looked like whipped cream and the beads I'd sewn on looked like sprinkles you can get on the top of ice-cream, I'd never realised the curtains resemble cream though after looking at them now it does look like that and the whole piece actually works better in my eye now.

I explained to him my Ted Baker piece isn't exactly the way I wanted it to look as my photoshop skills aren't that strong. He said it's completely all about the idea, someone else will then create it for you in 3-D or whatever format. He began explaining this as this is how the studio works. He said he was a storyboard artist and then another part of the studio will help me realise my ideas.

Everyone in the studio seemed to have a specific job doing what they did best. He said if he ever gets stuck he just asks someone to help him. As he explained this to me I began wondering what would work best for me when I am deciding on a job.

Looking at my Vogue title sequence he explained he like the slight rotation of the flat imagery, thought it was very effective and mentioned the part where there are three girls lined up next to one another, and the negative a positive space change in synchronisation with the beat. He thought this looked really good and that it gave off a 60s vibe.

I didn't get many negative comments at all which surprised me. He also mentioned to me to keep in touch and keep sending work his way and visit again once I've graduated and he will take a look at my final pieces, maybe some work experience could be at the end of it or better a job offer.

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