Thursday, 25 November 2010

Blooming Rose

Seen as I'm looking at flowers and the possibility of them blooming within my piece I thought it was appropriate to include a blooming flower to inspect at detail what happens, for example the furling of petals, the movement of petals how the petals are arranged at full blossom.
It's a beautiful process and as I've explained in my sketch book I'd like to create an animation similar to this myself. I was planning buying roses and taking pictures through the course of many days then import as footage into After Effects. It would create a lovely jumpy quirky feel though also describe visually the blooming of a rose.
However we are in late November and trying to find a rose late in the year is quite impossible. Though my experimentation has now reached out to researching other flowers so I may consider the process I was going to undertake with a different style flower.

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