Monday, 13 September 2010

Themed Rides, Part 1

I am beginning to research into rides from theme parks as for my self-negotiated project I am generally thinking of creating a promotional video for my own 'pretend' ride. I thought of this idea as my dad has an appartment in spain and has seen notifications that there might be a Paramount Studios theme park being built pretty much on our doorstep. This obviously is very exciting news and can't wait to go if this is the case but got me thinking of rides. I've never heard of a Paramount Studios theme park but I would assume it is going to be very grand on the same lines of a Universal Studios theme park.

This is a clip taken from behind the scenes of the making of Spiderman the ride. I chose this clip to show as this was one of my favourite rides that I've been on. Its exciting, thrilling and the effects are amazing. It tells a story through, and involves the rider within that story, but also bringing the rider into the specific environment re-creating almost the back streets of New York. I chose this specific video of behind the scenes as it thoroughly discusses what an how the ride is, aspects that can't be shown through images.

I will begin to upload videos I find of specific rides. Rides that I believe truly give the rider a unique experience. I have been to Orlando, Florida many times and the theme parks are a must which includes all the Disney parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. These are the main ones anyhow that I will be looking into. As I have been on the rides shown on my blog gives me a great advantage in realising the ideas and expertise that go into these rides, I am also fortunate enough to gain that experience these rides give you.

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