Sunday, 14 February 2010

Photos for my Final Piece

Except for the last one all the others are photos that I took to include within my final piece. I took many of the same to make sure I was producing the best, these are just a few to show. 

The first (scarf) I arranged in a way that would look like the icing on the rim of the cake. My first idea was to have the icing as hats though after experimenting with the scarf I realised that the shapes that could be formed by the scarf were more ideal and looked more realistic.

The plate I found I was very happy with it looks simple yet classy as you would see in a restaurant.

Firstly I started taking pictures in clothes shops to start collecting images of folded clothes for my piece. Though as seen above I also took pictures in my own home, I found this easier and more productive as I could arrange the clothes the way I wanted without disturbing any shop displays.

The curtains I wanted draping down the sides of my piece I had to create myself from pieces of lace and sewn on beads. Through photoshop this looked quite affective. I think adjusting the levels of light created a silky look.

The last image I took from a magazine. As I was flicking through I instantly thought that the image would definitely suit the outside of the cake. This part of the cake before it is cut is all that can be seen so has to be presentation perfect and has lovely delicate decoration which I felt when looking at the image. 

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