Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Hyperreality is the inability to distinguish what is real and what is not,we are brain washed into living a hyper media driven civilisation (, Daniel Bandi, 29/09/09).  In my opinion Hypereality is the World we live in today there is no escapism from the matter it is what the popular culture of today stands for. It lives in the computer games we play in the magazines we read and the television we watch. The mass media is a great example of hyperreality especially within advertising. Adverts of today are always fabricating the product being advertised to allure the more consumers to buy it.

Chocolate never seemed more appealing!

If you weren't thirsty you will be now!

We may think that hyperreality lives around us though it is actually a part of us. Many products we purchase may only be because of the way they have been presented to us. 
Majority of society have the same perception of thinking they have to look perfect because it's what is being presented to us. Especially girls, starting from an early age we are introduced to the Barbie with the gorgeous unrealistic looks and figure. Representations of perfect are still being shown as we grow through vehicles such as magazines, television and the Internet. Though unlike Barbie humans are not perfect so the technique of airbrushing is applied to the images so again we are brainwashed into thinking this is what we should look like. 

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