Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Nick Knight

'Nick Knight'
'Irving Penn'

Nick Knight is an established figure of fashion photography. I have a strong interest in fashion which generally is why I love his work though what pulls him apart from other fashion photographers is his knowledge of fashion mixed with the skills of a multimedia designer. He is the man known to be bringing the fashion industry into the 21st century as he has been creating fashion films. He is the founder and creator of the website 'show studio' which broadcasts fashion film and keeps viewers up to date with his World of ever evolving digital fashion. 

His influences emerge from photographer 'Irving Penn' stating sometimes he will observe his work just for the sheer pleasure of it. While researching 'Irving Penn' I definitely found similarity's within 'Knight and 'Penn's' work. Besides having the same clients such as 'Vogue', 'Knight' on many of his works has had a deep saturation of colour, 'Irving' used platinum printing which ensured the best quality in colour as can be seen above within the neon bold striking colours seen in both pieces. Being both fashion photographers they have both worked with models many of 'Irving's' work he uses plain backdrops as does 'Nick Knight' in his fashion pieces which was seen to be the emerging of the modern age of fashion photography, probably why the fashion photographer of the moment 'Nick Knight' admires him so.

Another photographer 'Knight' claimed can be influential at times was 'Rodchenko' another highly thought of photographer. 'Rodchenko' broke through the standard conventions of photography by creating images using many different angles changing the perspective of the image which hadn't been seen before. Therefore his work was bold and unusual as 'Nick Knights' and really created a stepping stone within the photography field.

'Nick Knight' also mentions the photographer 'Weegee' who's images were of black and white and which pictured normally of genuine accident scenes such as burning buildings and murder scenes. This I can not think of why he is influential to 'Nick Knight' though besides his use of black and white as these are colours 'Knight' likes to use also my favourite of 'Knights' fashion films was called black and white and revolves around these colours. 'Weegee' could have been his inspiration at that time for the project. 

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