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11th May 2011

I was lucky enough to get a second visit to Love after visiting the studio last November. Love has been a favourite studio of mine and is definitely a place I would like to work at. I think I'd be happier working with a team of people rather than by myself as a freelancer. Ed, the guy I visited while there talked to me about what happens when the team pitch an idea to a client, explaining that they all sit around this huge table sketching storyboards as ideas grow. This painted a lovely picture and I think design and creativity blossoms when surrounded by others to bounce ideas off one another.

I first showed Ed my Green & Blacks piece, the Van Gogh inspired one. He instantly made the connection with Gogh and as the petal uncovered the tagline 'It's an art' he immediately said nice. He was really impressed with the piece and stated the idea could also be carried through the use of other paintings, when at this point I explained that this in fact is what I had already done and went on to show my Hokusai inspired piece. Again he was impressed, at the stop motion and loved the colours.

I also showed Ed my titles for my Children's programme 'I wonder'. One of the first of my renders, explaining it was not yet finished and refining was needed. He thought the animation was lovely and he especially liked my felt character 'Lucy letters' and her facial expressions as she read her book. I explained how everything within the piece that was possible I had hand-crafted as I love creating stuff that has a more organic feel and hasn't completely been generated by a computer. He thought it was good that I had established an area I can develop in and become a trend throughout my work. This inspired me to carry on with such a style and want to keep using elements I have hand- created within future projects. Possibly my own personal projects as Ed said these are the type of people who stand out in the workplace, who are, in their own time scribbling down random ideas.

The criticism was about how the characters seem lost within the set and need to pop out more. I have corrected this and increased the colour saturation on Pippy Painter and replaced the dark green hills with lighter and softer looking ones.

He asked if I had a show coming up and what I had planned for it. I explained my idea about the diorama. Re-creating my characters World by hand in physical form. His reaction was very positive to this and said it would certainly add to my piece. He also gave me a reference for a diorama called Dinner for Schmucks, a title sequence (images above). They are absolutely beautiful, the lighting, composition and how everything is hand- created.

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