Saturday, 23 October 2010

Consumed by Consumption

Here is a fashion film by Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones. I was very impressed with this video and touched upon a subject which is very so much highlighted in todays society.

Focuses very much on the model who is centered on screen. Her body is bare to begin with and slowly and gradually more clothes and make-up is caked upon her representing society's obsession with consumption, mainly with material things. The design and style of the video definitely reflects the subject as the black and white colours begin to deepen giving a more contrasted and harsh look though also looks very edgy and fashionable.

The model ends up looking like a complete freak of nature, her whole body is fabricated and looks slightly scary. There is a close-up of her face which is computerised giving the model very dead looking unsoulful eyes. 

I think the video on a whole is trying to represent how ugly certain people look on the inside when they get carried away with their obsession on looking good on the surface. To look good on the outside is alot about feeling good on the inside and I'm not talking about when people say aslong as you have a nice personality thats all that matters because I know for some people including myself that isn't how you feel. If you can't feel content with yourself inside no matter what you buy as soon as the novelty's worn off you'll feel just the same as you did beforehand and in a way that's how this video connected with me.  

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