Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Pop Generation Gallery

During the Summer holidays I visited the Art Gallery, Pop Generation in Manchester as in general Pop Art to me is more exciting and modern than the usual Fine Art we're used to seeing in galleries.
The exhibition that was on at the time had up some of the original works of Stan Lee, the man behind Marvel Comics. Which was interesting to look at such fine details created on mainly canvases.
I also found many Disney art work. The pop art representations of Tinkerbell and Lady and the Tramp were created by a lady 'Allison Lefcort' whom is a disney artist herself so I am to believe, and the three images at the top were signed simply 'Carlton'. The others weren't obvious in who had painted them.
The Peter Pan painting was beautiful such fine detail and is such a classic image of Peter Pan, Wendy and the boys flying over London. Also on the moon in the picture the ship's shadow is painted delicately on. Though unclear by the way I've taken the picture the Peter Pan painting was quite large and looked magnificent. I think it was the painting I wanted to purchase the most, even over Tinkerbell, though the cheapest painting going was £250 and was quite tiny.
The Tinkerbell and Lady and the Tramp piece were acrylic on canvas and looking at them closely enough to see the brush strokes made me believe I could paint like that. I may even go out and buy a canvas!

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