Friday, 18 June 2010

New Habits, David Downton

I should probably explain the title 'New Habits', when I'm card shopping for peoples birthday cards or what not if I see a selection of cards with beautiful designs or illustrations I take down the designers name and save it in my phone. You never know when the inspiration may come in handy. 

Here is a selection of David Downtons work. The image placed at the bottom was the design I found in the shop on a card then after googling his name I found others I was impressed with. 

I learnt David Downton is a fashion illustrator which I found interesting. What drew me to his work was the fact it looked very much like the work of one of my favorite fashion illustrators 'Stina Persson' (I have a post of her on my blog).

I love the contrast of the harsh colours against the more subtle ones also each images composition. The top image I found very striking, such strong colours against the black background surprisingly gives the image more focus.

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