Sunday, 13 June 2010

Fairies and Fantasy

Over the summer period I thought I'd love to get back in touch with my drawing side as I love to draw and felt I'd not been doing a lot of it recently.

Having a few days of gorgeous sunshine inspired me to draw and because of the sunshine I thought what better to draw than flowers. As I sat soaking up the sun I remembered I had a few books stashed away from years back on fairies which each represented a flower from every season of the month. For example the image at the far bottom is the Rose fairy. All these books were illustrated Cicley Mary Barker.

Looking through her illustrations of flowers and fairies inspired me to re-create, freehand one of her drawings as seen above (the middle image). I really enjoyed drawing this. I have a passion for drawing and thought what better way to start working through inspirations ready for third year.

The image at the top is another one of my drawings, again freehand. After being inspired by Barker's illustrations I wanted to draw my own flower and picked the lily which is my favorite and also coincidentally the flowers in my mum's vase on the dining table.

As my degree specifies in moving image I obviously took this into account. The image I drew situated above in the middle i imagined the fairy walking up and down the stem, fluttering her wings. If i were to create this I would make it so the movements were subtle yet effective to reflect the delicacy and fragility of my style of drawing.

I would imagine when the majority think of fairies they relate them to children as when their young they have a sense of belief. Though my piece I wouldn't aim for children I think my drawings have a more 'grown-up' feel. So it had me thinking I love fashion and more and more fashion designers these days are taking the next step into the digital World. My short of fairies could promote clothing collections as the ideas that revolve around fairies is all about believing (Peter Pan, clap if you believe in fairies). So the end title of my short could be 'seeing is believing' to represent the clothing as these clothes are so breathtaking you have to see it to believe it.

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