Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Whatever you DO, DO it well

Our first idea for the DO brief was to show a girl getting ready for supposedly a night on the town. Applying her make-up, checking her self out and putting on her high heels heading out the door. Then the next shot would be her casually doing her weekly shop in the supermarket. I would want this shot to shock people, for it to be totally unpredictable. The two situations need to clash completely to get that shock factor and to represent the idea that this girl is applying so much effort into a simple food shop insinuating whatever you do do it well, live for every day and treat every day as your last day.

The image above are the exact shots i had in my head of the female character getting ready. The lipstick colours are rich and is applied carefully signifying the character wants to look the best she ever has on a night out. As us girls know we always try to out-do the last time we went out.

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